About us

About The Nanoyacht

Nanoyacht is more than just a boat designer and builder. We are a company that supports the marine industry, particularly the recreational boating segment through the development of advanced technology revolutionary products. We are also trying to find ways for boaters throughout the country to spend time on the water with our boat innovations.

Whether you are a water sport, boat or fishing enthusiast or sailboat or yacht owner, you will be excited with our unique folding boats.

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Our Innovative Boats

Nanoyacht currently offers four models of foldable boats that you can take along to any of your water activities without worrying about any special space requirement on your motor vehicle. Inspired by the Russian Matryoshka, a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another, our boats have been designed to save space by allowing the nesting of  segments of the boat one on top of the other when folded. While you would normally need a truck with a large roof space to accommodate a standard boat or a trailer to tug your boat, all you would need for our foldable boat is the trunk of your vehicle.

Our boats can be used for all purposes a standard boat could be utilized in such as river boating, kayaking, fishing, leisurely travel, or sailing into the sea.

What Sets Us Apart

Nanoyacht is the first motorboat that can be stored in the trunk of the vehicle. There is a boat model that is compatible in size with sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs, and vans.

Our boats are engineered with ultimate safety in mind. They are designed with features like multi-panel underside and corrosion-proof PPR materials among others to ensure maximum strength, durability, and robustness.  Our versatile watercraft makes it safe and convenient to use it for various purposes, including water sports, fishing, or rescue.

Convenient and easy to assemble and disassemble, Nanoyacht has a design and luxury features that can boost your boating lifestyle. You will be surprised that for all its benefits, Nanoyacht does not carry a premium price but similar to the price range of most kayaks.

With Nanoyacht, you can pursue your passion for water activities and have many years of fun ahead of you.

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Why Choose Us?

We desire to provide busy people with an escape from the stresses of work and change their environment from the concrete jungle to placid waters. Our passion for boats and the promotion of the boating lifestyle and all the positive experiences it represents including breathtaking views, calming water, and the potential for solitude drives our innovative spirits. 

Choosing Nanoyacht boat lets you enjoy the many advantages they offer and the limitless opportunity for convenient and stylish boating like you’ve never experienced before. 


Nanoyacht is engineered for safety and performance.

Your safety on the water is our overarching priority when we design our boats. We create them to be stable regardless of the water conditions. Whether you are on still or turbulent waters, you can be confident Nanoyacht will let you through them safely


Nanoyacht is versatile.

Nanoyacht can be used for whatever water activities you want to use your water vessel. It is great for fishing, leisure boating, cruising, kayaking, water sports, rescue, touring, and as a dinghy.


Nanoyacht is convenient

We understand how the bulk and weight of your standard boat discourage you to take it to exciting places where you can enjoy it. With Nanoyacht, you can have all the opportunities for water activities. When folded, its small size can let you tuck it in your trunk ready to be used at your convenience.


Our boats are affordable.

With its price within the range of kayak’s, Nanoyacht is a wise investment. You don’t have to pay extra for all the added values it offers. 


We continuously aim for innovations.

We aim for perfection. Our innovative engineers and product designers always come up with improvements that will make your boating experience even more positive. 

No matter which model of Nanoyacht boat you choose, your love of the water is only going to grow when you spend time on your unique foldable boat.


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Safety Features

When we designed Nanoyacht to be the versatile watercraft that it is now, we did not compromise its most important attribute – safety. While we consider our foldable concept as our competitive edge in the development of our product, it comes only second to our boat’s safety features. The boat’s structure was designed for maximum strength, durability, and robustness.


Multi-panel underside structure

Our boats come with side and rear platform extension for added stability, speed, strength, and handling.


Corrosion-proof PPR materials

Our boats are made with a flexible flexible and yet stronger type of metal that resists corrosion, rust, and boat damage.


Designed tall and stable

The sizes of our boats are intelligently designed to enable running in deep waters, without wobbling or tumbling down.


Low center of gravity

Designed with low center of gravity and high buoyancy, our boats are very hard to tip over, giving you the safety and peace of mind that you need.


Anti-slip interio

Featuring an exclusive anti-slip interior surface and seal with diamond patterns, our boats prevent passengers, especially children, from skidding or sliding no matter how slippery they can get.


Much More

Much More


Performance Features

With Nanoyacht, you don’t need two people to lift up the boat and secure it to the roof rack of your vehicle. The Nanoyacht is the first motorboat that can be stored in the trunk of the vehicle. Its folding boat concept been inspired by the Russian doll Matryoshka. The unique boat can provide boating enthusiasts like you the maximum opportunity to enjoy water activities. It has been designed for all applications such as water sport, cruising, fishing, dinghy, touring, and rescue.


Foldable front center console deck

Our boats are designed with foldable body for portability, convenience, and superior front control.


Rear and side platform

Designed with ergonomics in mind, our boats have rear and side platforms that help provide extra buoyancy and stability.


Incredible speed

Our motorized models can run at a speed of up to 50 mph without compromising safety and comfort, making them ideal for rough water sports and rescue purposes.


Side wings

When you choose to add wings to the Nanoyacht, they will provide better stability and handling, prevent splash, and enhance the watercraft’s performance.


Luxury Features

Aside from the standard features that make Nanoyacht operate safely, conveniently, and versatile in performance, it has options and mods that make it stylish, luxurious, and compatible with your style and taste. Experience the comfort that it brings with the following features and add-ons.


Leather seats

Whether you’re boating for leisure or sports, you will enjoy sitting on the Nanoyacht’s comfortable couch-like seating area with leather seats.


Elegant and anti-slip flooring

Ordinary boats tend to be dirty and slippery when wet, but not Nanoyacht as you have to option to choose which flooring type you’d like to install in it. That’s luxury and style combined for your powerful watercraft.


Storage space

When carrying boat accessories, you don’t have to worry about available space because our boats come with large space with standard water-proof storage and a live water tank.


Optional luxury accessories

Make the most out of your Nanoyacht by installing launching wheel, front control panel, and three bow boat Bimini that will make it even more stylish, comfortable, and classy!