What is Nanoyacht?

Nanoyacht is an affordable motorized compact and rigid portable boat that fits the trunk of your car and you can bring it to wherever you want.

Why Nanoyacht?

Nanoyacht is highly compact. You don’t need special equipment to transport
it. Also, Nanoyacht has class-leading performance and safety features. Just
throw it in your trunk and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best road trip
experience you ever have.

What can I do with it?

Nanoyacht not only has everything you can ask for a boat and the potential is
endless .With nanoyacht you will have the access to the lake that hunders
miles away from you, and fast track at the dock. Also it’s perfectly design for
fishing, cruising, etc. Some of our customers use it to do wakeboarding and
diving. It’s also perfect to use as a dinghy or canoe.

How fast can Nanoyacht go?

Depending on the motor and model, Nanoyacht can jets up to 35-45 mph

Where can I get the specifications

Specs Length(open) Legth(folded) width Depth(midship)
Nanoyacht-SDN 9ft7”(295cm) 3ft1”(96cm) 2ft8”(88cm) 1ft3”(40cm)
Nanoyacht-CRX 9ft7”(296cm) 4ft9”(150cm) 3ft6”(110cm) 1ft8”(54cm)
Nanoyacht-SUV 12ft1”(370 cm) 4ft3”(133cm) 4ft(123cm) 1ft9”(57cm)
Nanoyacht-MPV 12.4”(380 cm) 6ft (183cm) 4ft(123cm) 2ft(61cm)
Where is Nanoyacht from?

Nanoyacht is based in Delaware, US. We source our materials from the far east and finish the assembly process in the US.

Where can I get it?

You can pre-order Nanoyacht on Indiegogo with massive discounts and rewards. Other methods are available soon.

Why can’t I order Nanoyacht now?

Unfortunately, our company doesn’t have enough funds to back up our material and shipping needs. And that’s why we need your help on Indiegogo to get the business moving.

How long does the shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 25-45 business days depending on the model

How much does shipping cost??

Shipping within the states usually cost between $200-300 depending on the
model, option and destination

How can I make sure that the boat I want will fit my car?

Normally our boat can fit most cars in its segment. But you can always
downsize or email us the measurements of your car to make sure it fits

How long does it take to assemble?

Despite the superior structure and rigidity,Nanoyacht is actually easier to
assemble than other rivals in the Market,taking only 5-15 mins from box to

Why are the prices ao low?

We try to keep our product prices transparent and accessible,so that
everyone can have access to the great outdoors.Besides we sell our boats
directly to you the customers,so there won’t be middle man markups

How safe is nanoyacht?

Nanoyacht is made out of the corrosion proof PPR material.It’s a rigid solid
but slightly flexible material that’s harder than most metals.We also use
stainless steel for our frame structure so our boat is nearly bullet proof.Our
design also allows the boat to float even when entire cabin is fill with water .