Nanoyacht CRX


Nanoyacht CRX

Product Description

The Nanoyacht CRX is an ideal-sized boat that’s perfect for hatchback, SUV or
crossovers.Differed from the Nanoyacht SDN, this powerboat features a pointed front which
makes it more maneuverable in and out of the water. It is also fast, stable and compact, and
can carry two to five people. The safety and performance features of the CRX are unparalleled.
Designed with stainless steel frame. It also comes with an anti-slip interior surface, multi-panel
underside structure, and a rear platform, all contributing to a safe and smooth ride when you’re
out on the sea. The Nanoyacht CRX has great performance and you can enjoy crazy fun with it.It
jets up to 35mph stably and it’s super nimble which makes it perfect for tossing around.

The Nanoyacht CRX is engineered with strength and durability,  offering a stable and
comfortable ride every time. It can withstand punctures, abrasion, and impacts brought about
by bumping into surfaces, sliding over rocks, as well as folding thousands of times. So, if you’re
looking for a powerful yet portable boat for you and your family, which you can use for
recreational water activities or sports, then the Nanoyacht CRX can be your best choice

Optional packages:
Fishing package:
Gear mount, Launching wheel, Swivel Chair, Rear floating blocks $499
Luxury package:
Leather seats, Launching wheel, Bluetooth cooler bag, Bimini shade, Rear floating blocks $699
Performance package:
Rear floating blocks, Side floating blocks, Launching wheel $399
Front control system:
Center console, Steering wheel , Space for wiring $999

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