Nanoyacht MPV


Nanoyacht MPV

Product Description

The Nanoyacht MPV, the minivan-sized boat, is our flagship model. It is compatible with most
Minivans, except Mazda 5. It is the biggest among our current Nanoyacht lineup. Designed for
ultimate performance, safety, and styling, this powerful watercraft is built to carry heavy loads
of people, equipment, and fishing accessories.

A little wider and deeper than our other designs, the Nanoyacht MPV has more freeboard and
space, yet performs well with oars or motors and is stable enough to withstand moving waters.
Beautiful and the most luxurious of all our boats, the Nanoyacht MPV also has great
stability due to its low center of gravity. With an option for rear and side platform extension,
you can get extra speed, stability, and handling. It is designed with a couch-like front seating
area and has superb modding potential. You’ll be truly impressed with its incredible
performance and great speed. If you and your family are fond of the water,  the Nanoyacht MPV
is an excellent choice!

Optional packages:
Fishing package:
Gear mount, Launching wheel, Swivel Chair, Rear floating blocks $529
Luxury package:
Leather seats, Launching wheel, Bluetooth cooler with USB charger, Bimini shade, Rear floating
blocks $899
Performance package:
Rear floating blocks, Side wings, Side floating blocks, Launching wheel $599
Front control system: Center console, Steering wheel , Space for wiring $999

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