Nanoyacht SDN


Nanoyacht SDN

Product Description

The Nanoyacht SDN is our sedan size boat that can carry three to five people. It is fun, compact,
and easy to assemble, making it compatible with 99% of all vehicles on the market. But don’t let
its size fool you! Designed with durability and performance in mind, the Nanoyatch SDN is safe,
stable, and spacious. Each part boat locks in place steadily, providing you with an extra level of
strength and security.

The Nanoyacht SDN beats your typical watercraft and inflatables, especially excels comes to
performance and portability. Designed with a flat hull and rectangular front, the boat is ideal for
recreational water activities, such as fishing and kayaking. The anti-slip interior surface makes it
safe and enjoyable for children and pets. This is the perfect boat for any occasion, whether you
want to take it on a fishing trip, do some fun cruising and enjoy some water sport, or using as a
dinghy or a kayak. This boat will get the jobs done. Starting at only $1398, making this one of
the most affordable boats on the market today. So, what are you waiting for? Paddle with your
friends or family using this compact yet powerful boat that you can bring anywhere on your

Optional packages:
Fishing package:
Gear mount, Launching wheel, Swivel Chair $299
Luxury package:
Leather seats, Launching wheel, Bluetooth cooler bag, Bimini shade, Side floating wings $599
Performance package:
Side floating wings, Launching wheel $299

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