Nanoyacht SUV


Nanoyacht SUV

Product Description

Bring the whole family on a boating adventure with the Nanoyacht SUV, our SUV-sized foldable
boat. Designed with great size and height, it can accommodate four to six people and provides
many options for customization. Easy to assemble and store, the Nanoyacht SUV is compatible
with most mid-sized SUVs on the market.

Its incredible speed and other attributes make it the best-performing boat model by far. Just
because its foldable and portable doesn’t mean it’s going to wobble on the water. It is designed
with corrosion-proof PPR material that is known to be flexible yet stronger than most metals,
giving the durability and stability that you need. Moreover, it is impact- and abrasion-resistant,
which means no matter how many times you slide over rocks or crash into the dock, your
Nanoyacht will not leak. A fun and safe investment for the whole family, the Nanoyacht SUV is a
definite must-have for water enthusiasts like you!

Optional packages:
Fishing package:
Gear mount, Launching wheel, Swivel Chair, Rear floating blocks $529
Luxury package:
Leather seats, Launching wheel, Bluetooth cooler with USB charger, Bimini shade, Rear floating
blocks $899
Performance package:
Rear floating blocks, Side wings, Side floating blocks, Launching wheel $499
Front control system:
Center console, Steering wheel , Space for wiring $999

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