May 10, 2022
The Future of Boating: Nanoyacht and the Folding Boat
The Future of Boating: Nanoyacht and the Folding Boat
Ethan Frost

The US is seen as a mecca for boating enthusiasts; boasting an impressive amount of beautiful lakes and open water to traverse. In fact, over 11 million vessels were registered for recreational use in 2020 alone. Whilst this number is high, it has decreased since 2018 and 2019. But, what does the future hold for boating in the US?

For many people, boating as a pastime or recreational sport can seem inaccessible due to the cost of boats and gear. Nanoyacht is a company that designs and builds affordable, high-quality boats with a twist. Their motorized boats are foldable, and can fit into the trunk of a car. Note that currently these boats can be reserved and comes with a free e-motor.

With the changing nature of consumer demands, what is the future of the boating industry, and what will vessels look like in the future?

Boating Trends for 2022


The pandemic illuminated many things, but one of them was the importance of outside activity and leisure sports. 2022 will see a rise in consumers participating in the boating industry for leisure, fun and physical activity. As a result, the boating industry will respond by increasing the availability, affordability and accessibility of leisure sports on the water.

Sustainable Materials

Industries across the board have seen a rise in consumer demand for sustainable and ecological products and services. The boating industry is no exception. Designers have been challenging themselves to create exciting and innovative boat designs that are equally sustainable as they are attractive. As a result of the investment in sustainability, designers have been choosing to use more sustainable materials, such as mass timber, bio-resin and certain metals.

Space Conscious Design

In 2022, designers are crafting boats that maximize space and storage. Boats that are compact, or make use of clever spatial structures, are becoming more and more popular. This means that boat lovers can expect to see designs that are geared towards dual-usage and multi-purposes.


Boating can appear as a somewhat exclusive hobby or sport. Not many people have access to speedboats, yachts, or sailing boats. As a result, it is likely that 2022 will bring new and affordable boating solutions. Similarly, many boating companies are seeing the advantages of creating innovative designs that enable boating to be more accessible, with less equipment being necessary.

The Folding Boat

Nanoyacht is a company that designs and builds foldable boats for water lovers. The company, however, is dedicated to being more than just that. Nanoyacht supports the marine industry, as well as contributes to the continued development of revolutionary boating technology.

The company offers four different models of foldable boats. These four models ensure that consumers have options for their different vehicle types, as well as their boating needs. These boats can be taken and used for any water activity, including river boating, fishing, sailing and traveling.

Nanoyacht was inspired by the Russian Matryoshka – wooden dolls that decrease in size, inside one another. The boats are designed to fold, and nest in segments. Each part of the boat lies on top of the other when folded. This allows for a compact product that saves space. Similarly, as a result of the folded boat’s size, consumers can travel with their boat without the need for a trailer or a large vehicle.

The company’s boats are designed to be both sleek and compact, as well as safe and secure. The boats feature multi-panel undersides, and corrosion-proof PPR materials. These features and materials ensure that their boats are sturdy, strong and durable. Nanoyacht is designed to feel luxurious, but at a price point that is accessible to many consumers.

Final Thoughts

The boating industry has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. This has come as a result of a global mindshift in the way that consumers view leisure sports and activities. The boating industry needs to ensure that boating becomes more accessible and easy to tap into. Companies like Nanoyacht are creating products that serve this purpose, through the careful design of innovative boating technology.