May 10, 2022
Nanoyacht foldable boat
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Nanoyacht Releases the World’s First Revolutionary Motorized Folding Boat




DOVER, DELAWARE, U.S, April 28, 2022 / — The recent release of the Nanoyacht, the world’s first revolutionary motorized folding boat, has caused ripples of excitement in the boating world. Nanoyacht’s design presents endless possibilities for boating, an affordable boat that folds compactly, is rigid and safe, and jets stably at up to 45mph (depending on the motor and model.) No trailer or ramp is needed, as Nanoyacht can easily fit into the trunk of your car. You can be ready and set to go in an instant.

Enjoying the Water With a Foldable Boat

Recreational boating and fishing continue to be a passion for people who want to have a great time on the water, whether they live near a body of water or not. Boat ownership has several advantages, including enjoying family and friends and endless exploration possibilities.

However, there are several disadvantages to owning a boat. Parking, maintenance, cleaning, and moving one around can set their owners back thousands of dollars annually, meaning that this often limits their ability to enjoy excursions and water adventures further away.

“It took us two years to develop these four exciting designs for boating enthusiasts to enjoy their adventures,” says Allen Law, Nanoyacht founder. He adds, “The idea was born from a desire to own a boat that was stronger than a kayak so that I could go anywhere, but more affordable and portable than a traditional boat. An idea started forming one day as I watched my little sister playing the several layers of her Russian matryoshka doll. I suddenly saw how a foldable boat design could fit the specs of just about every car!”

Boating enthusiasts warmly welcome the Nanoyacht SDN, Nanoyacht CRX, Nanoyacht SUV, and Nanoyacht MPV. Their reviews and comments prove that these boats have come to fill a significant gap in the market for a solid yet efficient tiny boat. One characteristic review is from Jesica: “GOD! I love this Nanoyacht; it has changed my life completely! As a woman, I was never able to launch a boat myself. Now I don’t have to rely on my brother every time I wanna go out, and I don’t need to worry about its performance. The boat has great speed and is one of the most stable I have ever been on the water with.”

Nanoyacht Innovates, the company behind this foldable fleet of small boats, avidly supports the marine industry, especially the recreational segment. They are more than just boat builders; their designs include boat innovations that rely on advanced technologies, ensuring revolutionary products that allow water sports enthusiasts to enjoy their time on the water.

Just like Oru Kayak offers kayaking enthusiasts a box to boat kayaking adventures in minutes with their origami technology, the Nanoyacht allows boating enthusiasts to assemble the boat in no time. Furthermore, getting to the water does not require a trailer; all this at just the price of a good kayak.

Nanoyacht comes with some fantastic features, giving it the lead from its closest competitor, Portabote. Extremely tough materials provide better safety and performance. The solid materials used on a steel frame mean that the structure is impossible to break or puncture. PPR material makes up the body panels because it is corrosion-proof, durable, and robust.

Buoyancy is important out on the water, and the boat won’t sink, even when the cabin fills with water. The design, including the deep V-shaped hull, guarantees speed. The multi-paneled understructure ensures stability in deep water and at speeds of up to 35 mph. Safety on the water is always of concern, and the non-slip interior design of the Naonyacht protects users from slips and falls.

Nanoyacht has some of the best capacities of all the folding boats with their average capacity of 1,000 lbs. The Nanoyacht SDN fits into the trunk of a Mini Cooper yet can haul 662 lbs.

The various Nanoyacht models include some waterproof storage spaces, and some have live water tanks for storing fish catches. Buyers can add customizable options before purchasing or after, and these include anything from luxury finishes for comfort, to GPS, to fish finders. The possibilities are limitless.

About Nanoyacht: Based in Delaware, U.S., Nanoyacht is the creator of the highly compact folding yachts that you can take anywhere in the trunk of your car. Whatever type of boating excursions or wherever you are planning them, Nanoyacht makes it easy. Pre-order your foldable boat here and acquire an affordable boat with class-leading performance and incredible safety features. Currently the boats are available for reservation and comes with a free e-motor. Watch this space for more updates coming soon.

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