The most compact folding boat by far.

We make the most innovative, portable boats in the world—a foldable fleet designed with simplicity, freedom and joy in mind. The Nanoyacht is nimble and compact, but it never compromises on durability or performance with rigid body and steel frame.You will get all the advantages of traditional folding boats and non-foldable small boats for the price of a decent kayak.

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Four models, four ways to adventure.


Nanoyacht SDN

The Nanoyacht SDN is our sedan size boat that can carry three to five people. It is fun, compact, and easy to assemble, making it compatible with 99% of all vehicles on the market. But don’t let its size fool you!

Designed with durability and performance in mind, the Nanoyatch SDN is safe, stable, and spacious. Each part boat locks in place steadily, providing you with an extra level of strength and security.


Nanoyacht CRX

The Nanoyacht CRX is an ideal-sized boat that’s perfect for hatchback, SUV or crossovers.Differed from the Nanoyacht SDN, this powerboat features a pointed front which makes it more maneuverable in and out of the water.

It is also fast, stable and compact, and can carry two to five people. The safety and performance features of the CRX are unparalleled. Designed with stainless steel frame.


Nanoyacht SUV

Bring the whole family on a boating adventure with the Nanoyacht SUV, our SUV-sized foldable boat.

Designed with great size and height, it can accommodate four to six people and provides many options for customization. Easy to assemble and store, the Nanoyacht SUV is compatible with most mid-sized SUVs on the market.


Nanoyacht MPV

The Nanoyacht MPV, the minivan-sized boat, is our flagship model. It is compatible with most Minivans, except Mazda 5. It is the biggest among our current Nanoyacht lineup.

Designed for ultimate performance, safety, and styling, this powerful watercraft is built to carry heavy loads of people, equipment, and fishing accessories.

Why CHoose Nanoyacht
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Game Changer

Nanoyacht is a portable motorized boat that fits inside your car turnk!

Our patened assemble method allows Nanoyacht to convert from box into a boat in just 5 mins! 




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Better Performance

Thanks to our multi-panel underside structure and design, our boat can provide much more speed and stability on the water than our rivals.

With the potential of jetting up to 35mph stably and staying incredibly flat even in deep water, our boats offer performance and usability as well as any other non-portable compact boat.

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Better safety

Unlike most of our competitors, Nanoyachts use extremely tough materials that are rigid and incredibly solid making them nearly impossible to break or puncture. We also use steel for our frame which makes us extra safe.

Our design also allows us to have more buoyancy over other competitors and we can even add more of them by our performance add-ons. Our boat will not sink even when the entire cabin is filled with water.

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