7 Essential Parkway Animal Hospital Services You Should Know


The Parkway Animal Hospital serves as a sanctuary for pet enthusiasts, offering a wide range of services focused on enhancing your pet’s health. As a distinguished provider of animal health care, we are committed to presenting a complete set of services tailored to the distinctive needs of each pet.

Varied Pet Health Services

The Parkway Animal Hospital prides itself on offering a variety of pet health services aimed at promoting your pet’s wellness. Our goal is to provide excellent healthcare solutions backed by our unwavering dedication to animal welfare.

Regular Health Assessments and Preventive Measures

Consistent vet appointments play a vital role in preserving your pet’s health. At the Parkway Animal Hospital, we encourage bi-annual wellness check-ups for early identification and prevention of potential health threats. These routine assessments include comprehensive physical evaluations, immunizations, deworming, and preventive measures against parasites.

Diagnostics and Laboratory Facilities

Our hospital boasts modern diagnostic tools and laboratory amenities. We perform exhaustive blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, ultrasound, and other diagnostic methods to precisely identify your pet’s health state and provide suitable treatment.

Surgical Procedures

Our surgical suite is equipped with cutting-edge tools to conduct a plethora of surgeries, from common spaying and neutering to more intricate procedures. Our adept veterinarians have ample experience in carrying out surgeries while prioritizing your pet’s comfort and safety.

Oral Health Care

Oral hygiene plays a crucial role in your pet’s overall wellness. We offer professional dental cleaning, tooth extractions, and other oral services, along with guidance on maintaining your pet’s dental health at home.

Immediate Care Services

Acknowledging the urgency of emergencies, we provide immediate care services. Our trained staff is prepared to manage any emergency situation with utmost proficiency and effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical Services

Our on-site pharmacy stocks a variety of medications, ensuring swift and accurate treatment for your pet. We also provide prescription diets tailored to meet your pet’s specific nutritional needs.

Accommodation Services

We recognize the anxiety of leaving your pets alone when you’re away. Hence, we provide comfortable and secure accommodation facilities where your pets are looked after as if they’re our own.

Grooming Amenities

Our grooming amenities aim to keep your pets at their best. We offer bathing, grooming, nail clipping, and more to ensure your pet feels good both inside and out.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

When the time comes to bid farewell, we offer compassionate end-of-life care, including euthanasia services, to make the process as serene as possible for you and your cherished pet.


At Parkway Animal Hospital, we hold that every pet is deserving of the highest care standard. With our extensive array of services, seasoned staff, and advanced facilities, we endeavor to provide the finest possible healthcare for your dear pets. Entrust us with your pet’s health, assured that they will receive the same love and care you provide them at home.

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